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Not Your Parents' Peace Corps

Huffington Post

Imagine a job that offered opportunities on the edge of innovation -- from installing solar-powered computer labs to helping communities switch to renewable energy; from linking local entrepreneurs to global markets to developing cellphone text messaging services to answer questions about HIV.

Sound like something you might find at MIT or in Silicon Valley? Guess again. This is the Peace Corps.

Established in 1961 by then-President John F. Kennedy with a mission to promote world peace and friendship, the Peace Corps preserves its founders' practical idealism, while responding to modern realities. Today's innovative, tech-savvy Peace Corps volunteers are America's grassroots ambassadors around the world, helping local people take charge of their own futures in a spirit of solidarity and support.

Yet, it may be when volunteers come home that the Peace Corps' power is greatest. As we like to say, ‘What happens in Botswana doesn't stay in Botswana: The impact of Peace Corps service lasts a lifetime.’ Living and working in villages and communities far from home, volunteers learn to see the world in new ways and to communicate in new languages, to adapt to new environments, manage teams, troubleshoot obstacles and organize large-scale initiatives. Put simply, the Peace Corps is a life-defining leadership experience and launching pad for a 21st century career.

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