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CORPS BELIEFS: Local woman follows service tradition

The following excerpt comes from the My Journal Courier in Jacksonville, Illinois and was originally published on June 28, 2012.

“For Jacksonville’s Joan Savage, Peace Corps service runs in her family.

Earlier this month, Savage completed her Peace Corps service as a community health and HIV prevention volunteer in the West African nation of Togo and became the third member of her family to finish Peace Corps. Savage’s older brothers, Dan, served in Morocco, and Tim, served in Uganda. Joan Savage and her brothers are the children of Chuck and Diane Savage of Jacksonville.

Savage said her brothers’ decisions to serve had a profound impact on her.

‘I was fortunate in that I was able to visit both of my older brothers during their service and I saw the relationships they had formed with people in their communities, the new perspectives they had gained, and the effect their service had on their lives even after returning home,’ she said. ‘I wanted the same personal and professional experience and, with my family’s ongoing support, I knew that I wanted to join the Peace Corps long before I actually applied.’

For more than two years, Savage lived and worked in Akpare, Togo, at a health club for middle-school girls, where she taught young women about sexual and reproductive health, HIV prevention, self-confidence, communication skills and more.”

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