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Tourism & Peace Corps working together to make a difference in Bluefields Bay, Jamaica

The following excerpt comes from The Washington Times in Washington, D.C. and was originally published on June 11, 2012.

“George is one of 28 farmers that have been working with Patrick Marti, a Peace Corps volunteer that came to Jamaica after receiving his PhD from Cambridge where he was instrumental in developing a new coating for hip replacements.
‘An odd career path choice,’ Marti says. “Earning my doctorate and then choosing to come here, but it's about choosing a life path versus a career path.’

Bluefields Bay is a small fishing village in the Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica. Living here he has made friends, and adopted a new family. Marti came to Bluefields not long after the death of his own mother; and in Bluefields he came to love Bubbie as his "Jamaican mom" and her close knit family became his family.
Marti’s time in Jamaica is drawing to a close after 26 months; to say he has made a difference is an understatement. He worked with the farmers, like George, to introduce sustainable, environmental and organic techniques that the land can better support.

He has worked with Bluefields Villas and their wide sweeping community efforts, and the Bluefields Bay Fisherman’s Friendly Society, a group of 57 fishermen, creating one of the country’s nine marine sanctuaries where it is illegal for the fisherman to take fish.”

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