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U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Helps Renovate School

The following excerpt comes from AllAfrica.com and was originally published on May 22, 2012.

“Young students in one Ethiopian community will have a better chance to continue their education thanks to Peace Corps volunteer Michael Waidmann.

Waidmann, a James Madison University graduate from Arlington, Virginia, is working with his community to rebuild and expand nine classrooms in the local primary school. The school has more than 1,500 students who share 11 classrooms made primarily of mud and eucalyptus branches.

‘In a country where education is the only means to a better life, the reality of the primary school is heartbreaking,’ said Waidmann, according to a May 18 Peace Corps news release.

‘By adding cement flooring, a brick exterior, and one extra classroom, the spread of disease will be drastically reduced, rats will be kept outside, flooding will be prevented, and the classroom held under a tree can move to a proper school environment.’

The renovations will replace the walls of the classrooms with concrete and brick and provide new floors. The reconstruction will help create a safe and inviting learning environment for students and allow more students to attend the school.

With their basic educational needs addressed at the primary level, the students are more likely to succeed in higher education and attend secondary school.”

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