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Peace Corps volunteer fights malaria spread

The following excerpt comes from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune in Sarasota, Florida and was originally published on April 26, 2012.

“Sarasota resident Shane Meckler, a Peace Corps volunteer in Mozambique since May, is working to prevent the spread of malaria.
Today is World Malaria Day.

Meckler and thousands of other Peace Corps volunteers across Africa are working with local people, nongovermental organizations and the president's Malaria Initiative to eradicate the disease.

On World Malaria Day last year, the Peace Corps launched Stomping Out Malaria in Africa, an initiative to mobilize more than 3,000 Peace Corps volunteers across the continent to make a significant, timely and lasting impact in the prevention of malaria.

‘Malaria is the No. 1 killer in Africa, not AIDS, not starvation or any of the other things many Americans may think of,’ Meckler said in a prepared statement. ‘It's malaria, spread through a simple mosquito bite.’”

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