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Retired Couple’s Next Stop: Peace Corps

The following excerpt comes from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was originally published on April 12, 2012.

“Jan and Leslie Czechowski, both 60-somethings, are living proof that it is never too late for adventure.

On the cusp of retirement, the Peters couple said they have led full and happy lives and have had successful careers that are drawing to a close. With their two children now grown and raising families of their own, the Czechowskis agree that they'd like "to give something back" by joining the Peace Corps as volunteers.

Peace Corps statistics show that 90 percent of its members are single with an average age of 28.

The Czechowskis are both 63 and longtime educators. Mrs. Czechowski worked as an assistant director at the Health Sciences Library system at the University of Pittsburgh; her husband is a James G. Blaine Distinguished Visiting Professor of theater at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pa.

On June 5, they'll be retired and headed for a 26-month tour of duty with the Peace Corps in the East European country of Moldova.”

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