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‘A Good Man:’ Sargent Shriver, as remembered by his son

The following excerpt comes from the The Today Show and was originally aired on June 4, 2012.

“Shriver was that rare kind of idealist who knew how to turn a concept into reality. He launched groundbreaking programs like the Peace Corps under President Kennedy, and the war on poverty initiative for President Johnson . More than a year after Shriver's death, his son is out with a new book about his father called ‘A Good Man.’ Mark Shriver, good to see you. Good morning.

‘Good morning.’

You always knew your dad was a great man. But this concept of a good man is different. Explain that.

‘I think you know when I sat back and tried to reflect on what made him a good man I realized it wasn't the achievements that he talked about, Peace Corps , head start, taking Special Olympics all over the globe with my mother, but it was really a marriage of 56 years to the woman of his dreams, raising five kids all who loved him. Having countless friends and also profound faith in God.’

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