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South Africa: New school takes root in South Africa

The following excerpt comes from The Lompoc Record in Lompoc, California, and was originally published on May 29, 2012.

“When I last wrote I had just completed the Peace Corps Pre-Service Training and was becoming acquainted with my community here in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. My primary assignment is to work with the teachers and learners at a primary school and in this I have been truly fortunate.

About five years ago, half of the roof blew off of the school, leaving half of the classrooms exposed. On windy or rainy days, they had to simply send the learners home. The faculty appealed to the Department of Education for a new school and eventually the construction began.

In December of 2011, the new buildings were ready. The learners gathered up all the books and boxes, binders and papers, and carried them from their portable classrooms with old, broken tables and chairs to their beautiful, new classrooms with new wooden desks in clean brick buildings. It was an impressive little army of movers. The children did all the work. I did see one adult assisting as the copier was being transported in a wheelbarrow.

The new school is a cluster of 10 brick buildings and can accommodate about 1,000 learners. One of the buildings houses the computer lab, library and science lab. The science lab has a sink with running water and some glassware. The library has shelves ready and waiting for books. The computer lab has 35 brand new computers, so that became our first priority when the new school year began in January.”

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