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Joining the Peace Corps as a Music Ed Major

The following excerpt comes from Majoring in Music in Boulder, Colorado, and was originally published on January 23, 2012.

I was sitting in my elementary/middle school methods class during junior year one morning in early February, 2010 . Our professor was explaining to us the current job market. He told us flat out that there were no music education jobs in our state and to have a backup plan. For the past three months, I had already been thinking about joining the Peace Corps. One of my swim teammates from my high school was serving in Madagascar, and I was following her blog. My professors statement was the impetus for me to go ahead and start the Peace Corps application that day.

It was a no-fee application, so I had nothing to lose. Since I went to a big state school, we had a Peace Corps recruiter on campus. I met with her and found out that if I wanted to serve right after graduation, I needed to submit my application in April. I turned in my application on April 22nd, and had my interview with a recruiter within 2 weeks.

In June, I received my nomination for a Primary Education Teacher Training assignment based on the following qualifications: the completion of a Bachelors of Music Education degree, a state teaching certificate, and two summers as a camp counselor. After my third summer (2010) working at Interlochen Arts Camp, I filled out the medical and dental packet and started my semester of student teaching. When I told my cooperating teacher that I was a Peace Corps nominee, he recommended that I serve if accepted. He advised that if I chose to join the Peace Corps at a later time in my life, it would be a more difficult adjustment.

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