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Tanzania mission fulfills dream for Carmel couple

The following excerpt comes from The Monterey County Herald in Monterey, California, and was originally published on January 22, 2012.

When Carmel's Dave and Wendy Banks met in the 1960s, they talked about joining the Peace Corps. What they didn't realize was it would take them more than four decades to make it happen.

After marrying, raising kids and retiring, they said to each other, You know what we talked about long ago? Maybe we should try it.

The retired couple returned to Carmel in 2010 after spending more than two years in Tanzania, educating villagers about HIV prevention, biology and English.

Surprisingly, they integrated well into the Tanzanian culture.

If you have gray hair, you're in, said Dave Banks, 70, a retired pharmacist.

Their Tanzanian village of about 1,000 people not only respected their elders, but also respected the customs of one another. The village, Maringo, had two major tribes, and Catholic, Muslim and Lutheran faiths lived and celebrated traditions together, which impressed the Bankses.

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