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Love and the Peace Corps

The following excerpt comes from The World, Public Radio International and was originally published on November 22, 2011.

Through college my mantra was Peace Corps, the toughest job youll ever love.

After graduation I wanted to join the Peace Corps, and do the toughest job Id ever love.

In 2002, I arrived in Washington, D.C., for orientation before going to teach in Romania. I sat, terrified, in a conference room thinking about the next 27 months. The first thing I remember was a guy raising his hand and asking the Peace Corps official if it was true that 80 percent of volunteers come back married, engaged or in love?

I was floored. Here I was trying to imagine what Romania looked like and where Id be living. I had never even considered love.

Janice Sims was one of my fellow volunteers in Romania. She was just as surprised at the mention of love at her Peace Corps orientation.

I dont remember a percentage being put on it but I thought a large majority, she said. And I thought, thats not going to be me.

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