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Notable returned Peace Corps Volunteers in communications.

  • David Briscoe,

    chief correspondent of World Desk for Associated Press (Philippines 1966-70)

  • Dan Carney,

    reporter for Business Week (Benin 1983-85)

  • Judy Dugan,

    assistant editorial page editor for the Los Angeles Times (Philippines 1966-68)

  • Josh Friedman,

    Pulitzer prize winner for international reporting and director of international programs, Columbia School of Journalism (Costa Rica 1964-66)

  • Kathleen Ingley,

    reporter for the Arizona Republic (Senegal 1972-75)

  • Al Kamen,

    writes In the Loop column in the Washington Post (Dominican Republic 1967-69)

  • Robert Laird,

    op-ed page editor for N.Y. Daily News (Somalia 1962-63)

  • Michael Maidenberg,

    Pulitzer prize-winning publisher and member of the board of trustees for the Knight Foundation (India 1964-66)

  • Chris Matthews
    Chris Matthews

    host of NBC's Hardball (Swaziland 1968-70)

    Chris Matthews is a national columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and host of NBC's Hardball. Matthews on humanitarian and conservation efforts in Africa (MSNBC) Matthews praises the Peace Corps and Sargent Shriver (MSNBC)

  • Jim Morrill,

    reporter for the Charlotte Observer (Togo 1973-76)

  • Bruce Nussbaum,

    contributing editor for Business Week (Philippines 1966-69)

  • Henry Muller,

    editorial director for Time, Inc. (Ethiopia 1968-69)

  • Maureen Orth
    Maureen Orth

    special correspondent for Vanity Fair (Colombia 1964-66)

    Maureen Orth is an award winning journalist and founder of the Marina Orth Foundation.
    Learn more

  • Ann O'Hanlon,

    reporter for the Washington Post (Ecuador 1986-88)

  • Michelle Press,

    managing editor for Scientific American (Malawi 1962-64)

  • Howard Seftel,

    restaurant critic for the Arizona Republic (Senegal 1972-75)

  • Peter Sinton,

    enterprise senior writer for the San Francisco Chronicle (Iran 1969-1971)

  • Jonathan Weisman,

    White House correspondent for the Wall Street Journal (Guinea-Bissau and Philippines 1988-90)

  • William Wong,

    columnist for the San Francisco Examiner (Philippines 1967-68)

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