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Business and Industry

Notable returned Peace Corps Volunteers in Business and Industry.

  • Bob Beckel,

    political analyst, Bob Beckel & Associates (Philippines 1971-72)

  • Heather Buckmaster,

    executive director, Oklahoma Beef Council (The Gambia 1992-94)

  • Dan Chace,

    manager of Wasatch Micro Cap Fund (Paraguay)

  • Charlie Clifford,

    founder, Tumi luggage (Peru 1967-1969)

  • Patricia Cloherty,

    chairman of The U.S. Russia Investment Fund (Brazil 1963-65)

  • Edward Dolby,

    director, Family Dollar Stores, Inc (India 1966-68)

  • John Earhart,

    chairman of the board and a founding shareholder of Global Environment Fund Management Corporation (Guatemala 1975-77)

  • David S. Geiman,

    chairman of the executive committee, board of directors, president and chief executive officer of the CattleSale Company (Sierra Leone 1967-70)

  • Samuel Gillespie III,

    senior vice president, Exxon Mobil Corp. (Kenya 1967-69)

  • Jan Guifarro,

    vice president of corporate communications, Colgate Palmolive Company (Honduras 1973-75)

  • Frank Guzzetta,

    president, Ralph Lauren Home (India 1968-72)

  • Robert Haas,

    chairman of board for Levi Strauss (Ivory Coast 1964-66)

  • Reed Hastings,

    founder and CEO of Netflix (Swaziland 1983-85)

  • Wilber James,

    co-founder, RockPort Capital Partners (Kenya 1971-72)

  • Ginny Kirkwood,

    owner of Shawnee on the Delaware Inn and Resort (Turkey 1964-66, and Thailand 1990-93)

  • James Kouzes,

    co-author, The Leadership Challenge (Turkey 1967-69)

  • Michael McCaskey,
    Michael McCaskey,

    former chairman of the board, Chicago Bears (Ethiopia 1965-67)

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  • Robert McCormack,

    executive vice president of Citicorp (Colombia 1968-70)

  • Ann and Michael Moore,

    former CEO and chairman of Snugli Co. and Airlift Company (Togo 1962-64)

  • Frederic Poses,

    director, Centex Corporation and Raytheon Company (Peru 1967-1969)

  • Gordon Radley,

    president of Lucasfilms Ltd. (Malawi 1968-70)

  • Dwight A. Roberts,

    president and CEO, U.S. Rice Producers Association (Paraguay 1977-80)

  • Rob Ryan,

    chairman of the board, Ten Thousand Villages and vice president, treasurer, Harman International Industries, Inc. (Kenya 1991-1994)

  • Tom Scanlon,

    founder and president of Benchmarks (Chile 1961-63)

  • Kathy Tierney,

    vice chairman of the board of directors, Sur La Table (Fiji 1967-69)

  • Priscilla and Thomas Wrubel,

    founders of the Nature Company (Liberia 1961-63)

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