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Only citizens of the United States may be hired for Peace Corps jobs in the United States and for the following overseas jobs: Country Director; Administrative Officer; Director of Programming and Training; and Associate Peace Corps Director. However, Peace Corps does employ citizens of its host countries and other foreign nationals, in both professional and support positions overseas. Foreign nationals seeking employment with Peace Corps should direct their applications to the Peace Corps Country Director in the country in which they live. All applications for positions with the Peace Corps must specify the applicant's country of citizenship.

Intelligence Background Prohibition
Individuals who have been associated with certain intelligence activities cannot be considered for any vacancy.
Disqualification of Applicants with CIA Connections

If you have ever worked for the CIA, you are permanently ineligible for employment at Peace Corps. Do not submit an application for employment with the Peace Corps.

If you currently live with someone who works for the CIA, you will not be eligible for employment with the Peace Corps until you have ceased living with that person for at least six months. Do not submit an application for employment with the Peace Corps until that waiting period has elapsed. (If the CIA employee with whom you have been living is a close family member, you will need to obtain clearance before applying for a job at the Peace Corps even if the waiting period has elapsed.)

If (1) you have a close family member (i.e., parent, sibling, child or spouse) who works (or previously worked) for the CIA but with whom you are not living or (2) you are currently living with someone who used to work (but no longer works) for the CIA, you must obtain clearance before applying for any job at Peace Corps. In order to obtain that clearance, you should contact the CIA employee in person (not by phone, email, social media or other means) and instruct him or her to contact the CIA General Counsel's Office. You should not contact the Peace Corps about having a connection with someone who works (or previously worked) for the CIA. The CIA employee will inform you if and when you have been cleared by the Peace Corps to apply for employment with the Peace Corps. If you do not obtain such clearance before you apply for a job at the Peace Corps and a CIA connection is discovered after you begin your employment at the Peace Corps, it may result in termination of that employment.

If you have received pre-application clearance to apply for a position at the Peace Corps, and if you have no other intelligence connection, you may answer Peace Corps' intelligence background questions in the negative. If you have a CIA connection and you have not received pre-application clearance, you may not apply, and therefore, you may not answer Peace Corps' intelligence background questions.

Last updated Nov 20 2013

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