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Peace Corps Vacancy Announcements

There are a wide variety of activities going on at the Peace Corps domestically. In addition to recruiting our Volunteers, we need people to place them in the field according to expertise, screen them for medical clearances, provide research and evaluation services, provide financial services for all of our posts, ensure the Peace Corps is appropriately staffed, keep computer systems running throughout the world, and make sure our building remains open.

As a government agency, the Peace Corps has some offices that can be found in most organizations, such as Administrative Services, Budgeting & Financial Services, Communications, and Peace Contracts, General Counsel, Human Resources, Information Corps Resources, and Inspector General. Positions in these offices are similar to those found in like offices throughout the government or private industry.

In addition, the Peace Corps has offices that are agency specific—organized around our volunteers. These offices are: Volunteer Recruitment and Selection which includes University Programs and Minority Recruitment; Volunteer Support which includes Medical Services; Returned Volunteer Services, World Wise Schools, and Peace Corps Fellows; Office of Private Sector Relations and International Volunteerism; Peace Corps Response; and Center for Field Assistance & Applied Research. Positions in these offices have a wide range of functions, some similar to positions found in non-governmental organizations or government agencies such as USAID.

All vacancy announcements for headquarters positions are posted on this web site. Please send one application for each vacancy announcement to which you want to apply.

Last updated Nov 20 2013

Fast Facts on Paper

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Country Director Positions

Peace Corps is looking for U.S. citizens to fill open Country Director Positions.

Interested applicants must complete the online application to be considered.

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Director of Programming and Training (Overseas)

Peace Corps is looking for U.S. citizens to fill open Director of Program and Training Officer positions.

Interested applicants must complete the online application to be considered.

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Administrative Officer (Director of Management and Operations Overseas)

Peace Corps is also accepting applications from U.S. citizens for Administrative Officer positions overseas.

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Peace Corps Medical Officers (Overseas)

Peace Corps is looking for Medical Officers to serve as the primary health care providers for Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees overseas. Medical Officers also provide education, training, and counseling to Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees.

Learn more about these contractor positions.

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