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Overseas Opportunity

The most common international employment opportunities within the Peace Corps are Country Director (CD), Director of Programming and Training, and Administrative Officer.

Vacancy announcements for APCD positions are posted on this website. Please send one application for each vacancy announcement to which you want to apply. Country Director positions are announced under a separate application process.

In addition, Peace Corps contracts with physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to serve as the primary health care providers for Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees overseas as Peace Corps Medical Contractors.

Peace Corps also contracts with individuals with a variety of technical expertise for short term overseas training and assistance contracts. Further instructions and application materials are available on this website.


Peace Corps divides its overseas posts into three regions: Africa; Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia (EMA); and Inter-America/Pacific (IAP). If you are applying for a position that is not identified with a specific country and only wish to be considered for positions in a particular region(s), please note this on your application.

Time Limits on Employment

It is important to understand that Peace Corps employees receive time-limited appointments and that most employees are limited to a maximum of five years (60 months) of employment with the agency.

Language Requirements

Some positions require fluency in French, Spanish, or Portuguese. Other languages may be required according to the needs of the post. Applicants will be screened for language proficiency during the interview process.


Selected candidates receive a conditional employment offer, pending medical clearance and background investigation. The employee and any dependents accompanying the employee to post must be medically cleared before overseas travel is authorized. Likewise a top-secret security clearance for the employee must be granted before travel is authorized overseas. Failure to receive either medical clearance or pass the background investigation normally results in revocation of the offer of employment.


Housing at post is provided by the Peace Corps, or the employee receives a housing allowance. Reasonable relocation expenses to and from the country will be paid by Peace Corps, unless the employee fails to complete the scheduled overseas tour for reasons within his or her control.

Last updated Nov 20 2013

Fast Facts on Paper

Download the Peace Corps Fact Sheet for easy printing.
Fact Sheet (PDF)

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Peace Corps Medical Officers (Overseas)

Peace Corps is looking for Medical Officers to serve as the primary health care providers for Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees overseas. Medical Officers also provide education, training, and counseling to Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees.

Learn more about these contractor positions.

Working for the Peace Corps

Our Guide for Overseas Staff and Family (PDF) details the logistics and benefits involved in working for the Peace Corps overseas.


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