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Medical Contractors

Peace Corps Medical Contractors (PCMCs), also commonly referred to as Peace Corps Medical Officers (PCMOs), are the primary health care providers for Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees overseas.

Duties and responsibilities of the Peace Corps Medical Contractor include (but not limited to):

  • Implementation of the Volunteer health care delivery system in-country in accordance with standard medical practice and official guidelines established by the Peace Corps.
  • Provides counseling and education for Peace Corps Volunteers and Trainees.
  • On call after hours, weekends, and holidays for emergencies.
  • Provide input as members of the local country team to formulate in-country Peace Corps policies that affect Volunteer health and safety.

The PCMC works under the supervision of the Country Director for all administrative matters. For all medical, technical and patient-care issues, the PCMC receives guidance, direction and support from the Office of Volunteer Support (VS) at Peace Corps headquarters in Washington, D.C. PCMCs also work closely with the Regional Medical Officer.


Eligibility for most PCMC positions contracted through the headquarters' office is limited to licensed and nationally certified nurse practitioners. Physicians are welcome to apply. Knowledge of French is desired.


The Office of Volunteer Support recruits continuously for the PCMC position, so there are no closing dates. Those determined by a selection panel to be qualified are placed on a roster from which offers of assignments are made as positions become available.

Individuals who have been associated with certain intelligence activities cannot be considered for any Peace Corps position, including personal services contractor vacancies.

Contracts Overview

Last updated Nov 20 2013

Fast Facts on Paper

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Peace Corps Medical Officers (Overseas)

Peace Corps is looking for Medical Officers to serve as the primary health care providers for Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees overseas. Medical Officers also provide education, training, and counseling to Peace Corps Volunteers and trainees.

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