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Scenic images from the field


A Proud History, An Ever-Changing World

Throughout its history, the Peace Corps has adapted and responded to the issues of the times. In an ever-changing world, Peace Corps Volunteers have met new challenges with innovation, creativity, determination, and compassion. From AIDS education to emerging technologies to environmental preservation to new market economies, Peace Corps Volunteers have helped people build better lives for themselves. Their work in villages, towns, and cities around the globe represents a legacy of service that has become a significant part of America’s history and positive image abroad.

Peace Corps Interactive Timeline, 1961-2013

Explore the important dates, images and videos that tell the Peace Corps story from 1961 to the present.

Decades of Service
Read about how the Peace Corps has grown and changed throughout the years.
Past Directors
Each Peace Corps Director has brought something new to the Peace Corps. Learn about their contributions.
More than 139 countries served since 1961.

Last updated Nov 20 2013