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Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2011

Peace Corps Volunteer Spotlight: Patrick Marti

Country of Service: Jamaica
Title: Environmental Promoter/Environmental Business Advisor
Time in Country: 2010–present

Patrick of Warren, Pennsylvania, has been promoting environmentally and economically sustainable projects in local fishing and farming organizations. He has helped rejuvenate fish populations, tackle problems caused by the invasive Lionfish, and monitored local sea turtle populations. With the Bluefields Organic Farmers Group, Marti taught organic farming techniques and helped them gain business and computer skills. He also teaches environmental education with integrated literacy and numeracy classes, works with a science and environment club, and teaches adult education classes. Patrick holds a bachelor's degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a doctorate in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Smithsonian FolkLife Festival: Along with the presidents of both the local Bluefields Organic Farmers Group and the national Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement, Patrick is promoting organic agriculture in Jamaica. The exhibit will resemble a small Jamaican organic farm and will introduce visitors to the fundamentals of organic farming and gardening, such as composting and companion planting. They will also be highlighting the various aspects of the Jamaican environment and culture that make it an ideal location for organic agriculture, including the link between Rastafarianism and the organic movement.

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